Don't ask me why, after three years, I suddenly feel like writing again, and doing it here. I'm just spontaneous like that :D

So, I'm currently watching AKB0048, as advised by my brother, who loves J-Pop way more than me.

Let me start by saying that I usually enjoy the mecha+song setting, Macross Frontier was great.

The thing is, I started thinking "what the hell can make any kind of government try to forbid ENTERTAINMENT, of all things?"

Remember the saying in old Rome? Don't know the English form but the French say to make sure to give your people "bread and games" in order to rule them. Make sure they don't get desperate, make sure they are distracted, so that they won't revolt and don't get too interested in what you're doing.

Seriously, is there ANYTHING at all that's less political that J-pop and those cute, but naive and singing all-love songs girls groups?

There are 2 reasons why a government would forbid entertainment, at least that I can think of.

Let's make short work of the first one: religious reasons, it's perverted, those girls are half naked, blah blah blah. But we would see them adoring gods, there would be more temples everywhere. Religion has no influence at all, at least on the motherworld of the heroines. If the TES is a religious group, they hide it well.

The other reason makes me really, really uneasy.

*Insert obligatory History talk here*
Because the other is related to the fact that we only ever learn about government fuckeries 10-20 years later. Today, some things are starting to be uncovered about 9-11 (that's not too early, the thing was fishy right from the start, but ok, moving on).

Oh, the ones who talk about it are mostly still called conspirationists or other names, but random people in the street are starting to be aware that the official version is, at best, very incomplete.

Now imagine what would happen if said conspirationists were working on today's problems? One, they might stop the fuckeries from happening beforehand. Two, the government would stop mostly ignoring them, because then, they'd become dangerous.

I'm thinking Guantanamo here, for instance. The thing is STILL NOT CLOSED, AND NOBODY KNOWS WHAT'S HAPPENING IN THERE. It's insane!
*End of obligatory History talk*

See what I mean?

Isn't forbidding entertainment a way to distract people, like those fanboys who participate in the fights, from really important things?

In which case, those sweet, young, naive, idiotic girls... Aren't they participating in the system they pretend they're fighting ?

(Welcome in Capitalism, a system which integrates its own protests against itself!)

I can't see this as a victory of youth and dreams and arts on powers-that-be, as it's obviously intended. I can't help but want to see what's really rotten in there. Where's the catch? Are they ever going to be aware of how much they're NOT being rebels?

Obligatory Nirvana song here:

Helloooooooooooooooo Troyes!
[EDIT: Yes, I'm editing my intro-post... Again XD]

I've opened this LiveJournal only because I promised my boyfriend I would. And because I never do what people expect from me:

1) This is going to be in English, which is not my native language.
Not that he'd mind, but anyway. I like challenge. Spending one hour everyday to find something interesting to post and then taking even more time to translate it into English does not scare me.
This is the first warning: I'm going to make the kind of mistakes any non-native speaker would make. Please feel free to correct them if they make your eyes itch; I would appreciate it since it would allow me to get better.

2) There are going to be a whole lot of things that won't interest him at all here. Namely:
- links towards fanfics, sometimes completely random, sometimes with comments and appreciation.
Second warning: there's going to be yaoi (as in male/male romantic/sexual relationship), yuri (as in female/female romantic/sexual relationships) and even straight graphic sex. If those shock you, you have nothing to do here.
- links toward crappy videos, and AMV he just won't want to look at. Some are rather impressive and I was just frustrated until now to have no place where to share them.
- My Life. Not that much interesting, but it's still mine.
- webcomics, along with some of my favourite strips rather than comments.
- pretty much anything I might find interesting while surfing the web. Yup, that makes it a whole lot of things.
- photographs. I love to take photos of just anything. Time for me to share them too.

3) As for the friending policy...
Well, I'll probably friend back anyone friending me. Please just drop a word to let me know why, and how you found this journal that I have never, ever advertised for :D
(More than two years, one friend. That's saying something (more than "I'm a lurker", I mean) ^^; )

4) Random things
Comments are welcome, including anonymous ones.
Also, go and see MY DRAGON. Yes, I named him Tsuzuki. He's got purple eyes, I just couldn't not name him Tsuzuki ^^;;; Up to two visits a day will make him happier (who would have thought dragons to be so sociable ?) :)
Also, let me know in the comments if I can return the favour =^_^=

Together we are the sun
Recently I noticed how obsessed I am with people who spent a lot of time in hospitals. Ok, there's him, but then the fictional characters that have accompanied me for years all did too.
Sephiroth (mild SPOILERS for FFVII under the cut)Collapse )
Tsuzuki (Major Yami no Matsuei SPOILER here)Collapse )
Hisoka (major YnM spoiler under the cut)Collapse )

I've also already said that now that I have discovered life with someone that is handicapped, I wouldn't want someone "normal" (I hate that word so much, you just can't imagine.) When he was born, doctors said that he would never walk. Yet he fought and his whole family (except for his father, that abandoned him right after his birth) and other doctors fought with him. He spent a lot of time in hospitals, operations on his feet and legs and rehabilitation, now he walks. He can't run though. What does it do to the mind to have to fight so much for something as simple and obvious as standing up and walking on your own two feet?

He is so strong, I can hardly believe that someone with such strong convictions exists in that weak decaying world. I used to say that if there had been dragons and magic, I could have forgiven it for existing, but you know, our relationship is magic, and he is my grumpy lovely dragon. I can live without scales and wings (though I wouldn't complain if he actually had them XD )
(Oh Godess, the xenokink strikes back. Ciceqi, get out of my brain >_<; )

So maybe... Maybe, life is worth living, despite everything, despite humans that suck as a race, despite how desperately sad this whole world is. Do I really have to tell what I mean by that? Just open your newspapers. They make me want to cry and scream and break something. I barely even read the titles now. The less I know, the better.

And then, I can be his joy. Never worrying -- he worries enough for two, after all, and someone needs to show him that there are still ways to enjoy life, right? Making him laugh, smiling at him, laughing with him, I try to be his light. And with his courage, he gives strength to my light, without him I'd be but a will-o'-the-wisp.

Together, we are the sun, and we laugh at life's face.

I know the bitch is going to laugh right back at me someday, probably sooner than I can expect. My mother's death was just a warning. But from now on, I'm going to enjoy every little moment, every little thing that makes my life with him so valuable.

Animography 2
It's that time of the year when new animes appear... Now 6 or 7 episodes in the new season, allow me again tell you what I watch. Order is totally random, by the way. No real spoilers here, I think.

- Bleach: still watching it, 220 episodes. The current fight somehow feels more mature, perhaps because the characters have grown up too. Also, remember the treason in the very first season? That is getting resolved, like, now. And we just learned what cat-woman and freaky shopkeeper are doing in the city. That's not too late. I feel like we're getting towards the end (not before another 50 or 100 episodes though) and this is kind of sad ^^; Also, still waiting to learn who the heck Ichigo's father is. I'm as curious as a cat XD

- Chrome Shelled Regios: still watching it too, the show is great but I fear the end. This is probably going to be a great-exposition-that-ruins-everything-on-the-two-last-episodes. I'll let you know where to stop if you fear that too XD

- 07-Ghost: this one is screaming SHOUNEN AI at me. The animation is barely correct and the scenario is hardly original (amnesiac young man in military school discovers that things are slightly more complicated than he thought), the CLAMP-esque design is good, though. Why watch it? Gaaah. One character insists that he is Cloud re-incarnated, another Zack. The creators of this series own me ;_;

- Asura Cryin: quite intriguing, I don't understand a thing yet XD I feel like I should re-watch it. The graphism is very correct, the characters likeable, so-so scenario.

- Cross Game: don't let the baseball thing fool you. This is actually about how to deal with mourning. I think. Well, the 7th episode gets further from it, I hope it will go back to its good roots. I love it for the cute graphism, for the original scenario and I hope it will remain original and not take the obvious path from here.

- Eden of the East: WATCH IT! Can't say anything without ruining it. But it's well worth the try =)

- Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood: freaky AU from the double-you-tee-eff hell. Be warned so you won't be confused: you're starting from scratch here, same characters, (almost) same setting, new story. Is it good? Yes. Is it as good as the first series? No. The scenario is rushed like they are trying to put forty-something episodes into 26 (epic fight when Scar, Lust and Gluttony first meet and burn down a library? THREE SECONDS!!! Scar is not even there anymore to burn down the library. I am not happy!), many things miss, like the continuity. And yes, FMA had a continuity even with all the flashbacks. All in all, the scenario is less good, BUT the graphism and the animation are much much better (fluidity+details). Also, the opening is excellent and hints that we might see adult!Ed (who is sex, by the way) before the end.

- Phantom "Requiem for the Phantom": not sure where my feelings stand on that one. It is original, the graphism is correct... I guess it just makes me slightly uncomfortable. Also, I have no idea where the scenario is leading and I find myself wanting Zwei to fuck Ein senseless just to see if she can express anything else than apathy and that might be why I'm not sure about this series, it's not the subject at all (or is it?)

- Saki: Mahjong players with competition and fan-service. Quite all right. Hinting at shoujo-ai.

- Shangri-La: excellent animation, very original scenario and characters, references to a mythology I don't know (sounds quite familiar but I just can't place it >< ). SCORE! The setting is a post-apocalyptic world where countries are heavily taxed for CO2 emission. Everybody wants to live in Atlas, a city that is supposed to be paradise... I have no idea what it is getting at, characters that don't know each others are obviously linked, the expression "end of the world" was used at least once, and I hope it's not an exposition-from-hell-in-the-last-two-episodes case, but for now I totally recommend it.

That's all for today, thank you for reading :)
(Also, no mecha this season? I'm surprised.)

The melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
First episode just came out *_*

There is no word for how awesome this comics is.

Or maybe there is and I just don't know them. Any suggestions?

Casshern Sins: last episode
I did not understand anything.
At all.

*wanders off to wikipedia and blogs*

But boy, did I not cry.

EDIT: So I'm starting to think that I'm the only one questioning (cut for spoilers)Collapse ) No explanation to be found since no one else wonders, and the questions people actually ask have quite obvious answers in my mind :-/

Another proof, if ever needed, that people are silly :-P I'm a Martian. I can live with that XD

An excellent show all over, probably the best this season.

Digger just went free!
[EDIT: I'm going to add links on certain points of my description, since I'm reading it just now :D Consider the links to be spoilers, though, so be careful with them.]


If you want to read a fantabulous online free comics, you can start here:

Down-to-earth wombat hero main character who despises gods and magic (and heroes)!
Making up or telling tales and legends and mythologies!
Great black and white arts!
Making up dialects!

Now if the paper comics existed in French, I could buy them as gifts for so many of my friends... Someone talented needs to work on this. *nod nod*
(I'm just strange that way: I won't pay for something unless I have the choice to not pay for it XD )

2nd EDIT: I had forgotten the prophecies. And the slugs. Going to be addition under here too:
This one's a big spoiler, but I just can't resist it.

3rd (official) EDIT: I have forgotten to mention that the author, Ursula VERNON, makes incredibly cute art. I wished I lives in the USA to buy some :'(

4th EDIT: It does not fall under any of the preceding categories, but I can't resist this strip (I'll add a plural here later if it comes to that):

So I now have a second friend XD Who would have thought the day would come? *rolls eyes*

Also she seems to like old sewing machines, so here is the one that is sitting right next to me:
http://www.fileden.com/files/2007/1/22/678390/IMG_0023.jpg" alt="IMG_0023.jpg

My mother was the one using it, so I guess I'll have to learn how to all by myself now :-/ I seriously need to correct the lengths of my new jeans. I kind of understand the principle and I'm fairly confidant in my ability to learn it, I've even spared an old pair of jeans that I can transform into shorts and not cry too much if I fail badly... I mostly need to gather my courage to start and to find the user guide (there are three wheels which I have no idea what they are for ^^; ).

So welcome here, I hope you'll find things you'll enjoy around :-D

EDIT: Link to the too large image rather than directly showing it, it just didn't work with comments ^^;

Nine Inch Nails
Nine Inch Nails Nine Inch Nails Nine Inch Nails Nine Inch Nails Nine Inch Nails Nine Inch Nails Nine Inch Nails Nine Inch Nails Nine Inch Nails Nine Inch Nails Nine Inch Nails Nine Inch Nails Nine Inch Nails Nine Inch Nails Nine Inch Nails Nine Inch Nails Nine Inch Nails Nine Inch Nails Nine Inch Nails Nine Inch Nails Nine Inch Nails

They put their new album on their official website FOR FREE
Go download! Now! You can't regret it anyway, it's free, and then it's Nine Inch Nails.

If you're looking for me, I'll be right there, squeeing and downloading (and probably see if I can pay them for it because it's going to be awesome and I want all artists to do the same.)


EDIT: What do you mean I'm a little late and the album went out in May 2008? Ooops ^^; I guess I need to keep myself informed a bit more about the bands I like XD Sooo, what are Neurosis, Marillion and The Gathering becoming..?


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